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How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

engagement-ring2You found the woman (or the man) of your dreams and are ready for the next stage. You know even exactly so that the engagement ring will resemble. The problem is, you can’t lucky find exactly what you have with the spirit. It can be time to design your own engagement ring.

To design a ring made on order is not as difficult as you can think. Start by describing the two parts of an engagement ring — stones and arrangement — and start to outline or note details. Decide the materials which you want in your ring and you go of course your way to the ring you considered.


A first stage decides which types of stones will be in the ring, how much there will be, and their relative sizes. Diamonds are most common, but your engagement ring can have other gemstones stones as well. The rubies, the pearls, emeralds, and sapphires can all add the special significance.

Some questions to consider by choosing stones: Do you want a large, simple recluse or a central stone surrounded by smaller stones? If the cost is an exit, which imports more: how much large are the stones or their quality? Do you want diamonds only, one combination of diamonds and other gems, or no diamonds of the whole? How will they be arranged? Envisage the aspect while outlining how the stones will be configured and marking them by the type.


You can choose several types of metal and quality. Each one has the single devices and the aspect. The white gold or yellow (carat 14 or 18) are common choices, just as platinum. Titanium is also a viable choice. If you are not already with the current of the differences of the aspect and of quality, take a voyage to the email or the store of jewels nearest. Note the completion of each one and how it catches the light.

Other devices to be considered are the size and the form of arrangement. It should also reflect the bride’s the model personal. Considers the size and the balance of hand. A large ring can overpower a small hand. Reciprocally, a large hand can decrease a small ring.


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