Service of Arrangement for the Relationship of Marriage

Nowadays, the communication forever is so fast; to meet people forever be so easy. But more and more people are seeking and employing a certain service type of arrangement – in line or remote.

We all see the rebirth of the millennium-old woman undertaken of the tertiary sector traditional of arrangement. People seeking the service of arrangement are the enquiring serious ones of love and marriage. They all are laid out to pay a considerable amount of money in exchange of the highest rate of success in the shortest possible time.

We should not look at the statistics before we know today of phase of people longer than those one century ago; more people obtain divorced today than those one century ago. We start to ask us why the relationship of marriage would not last longer than that one century ago. No matter who easily could give dozen reasons?

Naturally, the majority of the people would think of the love and the relationships of marriage are more one art that a science. But recent research discovered that the orientations even personality and of behavior have genetic determining causes, and thus made the relationships of marriage.

We also see that what the matchmakers basically apply in the people being matched is nowadays scientist’s tools – the personality tests, if they are called the tests of compatibility, or the personality profiles.

The majority of the matchmakers consider that compatibility is the gold rule. They are like the ancient people looking at the sky, seeing Sun rising is and to fall to the west and thought that Sun turned around the ground it was thought that who is the center of the universe. In fact, the relationships of marriage do not seem to depend on compatibility.


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